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Supercharge Your Fur Kid’s Nutrition

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Learning objectives:

1. Save money by knowing how to select the right food for optimal digestion to enhance your dog’s health
2. Proven 5 step system to create with confidence a more balanced home cooked diet for your dog
3. Know how much to feed to have a trim and fit dog
4. Analyze your home-cooked recipes. Know what nutrients are missing and how to supplement so your dog stays healthy
5. Pick up any pet food or treat from the shelf and know how to read the labels to see if it’s good for your dog


Lesson 1: Food Glorious Food

Your dog’s diet is the single, most important factor which you can control to help him live healthier. Feed fresh wholesome foods and less processed food. This will help boost your dog’s immune system, improve his skin and coat and help him maintain an ideal weight.


Lesson 2: Proteins

Know what are the best sources of high-quality proteins. Ensure your dog gets all the 10 essential amino acids. Understand how protein works. Feed your dog the proper types and amount of protein he needs to thrive


Lesson 3: Fats

Understand the role of fats in your dog’s diet, how much and what types to feed.  Know the whole food sources of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which will give your dog an amazing skin and coat.


Lesson 4: Carbohydrates

Know the function and benefits of carbohydrates in your dog’s diet. Not sure which vegetables are safe for your dog? Learn what are the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ veggies for your dog. Boost his immunity with excellent sources of phytonutrients.


Lesson 5: Vitamins ADEK

Lesson 6: Vitamins B and C

Why does your dog need vitamins? What happens when your dog does not have enough vitamins or has too many vitamins in his diet? Understand the most essential aspects of vitamins. Ensure that your dog receives the correct amounts of vitamins to thrive


Lesson 7: Macro minerals

Lesson 8: Trace minerals

Your dog’s body cannot make minerals. Minerals come from dietary sources. Know how much of each mineral your dog requires and what are the best whole food sources for these minerals. Understand how a diet which is deficient in minerals affect your dog’s health


Lesson 9 & 10: Home cooking for your dog – 5 step system (Part 1 & Part 2)

Lesson 11: Benefits of feeding vegetables

Know the pitfalls and myths about the home prepared food. Ditch the stress and ROCK your dog’s diet using our easy 5 step system. You can prepare a balanced home prepared meal for your dog with confidence. A meal that provides all the necessary nutrients for your dog to thrive


Lesson 12: How much should I feed my dog?

Obesity is a rising health problem in dogs. Learn how to calculate your dog’s metabolizable energy (ME) requirements. Know how much to feed according to your dog’s daily energy needs to maintain a lean and healthy weight.


Lesson 13: To be healthy, your dog must eat healthy. Determine your dog’s nutrient requirements

Understand how to determine the nutrient values of whole food sources.  Know how much nutrients your dog needs to stay healthy and active


Lesson 14: How to analyze your home prepared recipes

Stop stressing and start cooking! Know the exact foods and amounts to use in your home prepared diet. You are your dog’s master chef. Master the knowledge to analyze any recipe. Know which nutrient is lacking so you can supplement in your dog’s food.


Lesson 15: All about kibble

You are a busy pet parent and have to rely on commercial pet food. But are you confused by the long list of ingredients? Learn what are the harmful ingredients to avoid in dry or canned dog food. Master the skills to pick up any pet food and read the labels. Understand the quality of the ingredients and know which nutrients are missing. Use simple calculations to determine how much calories come from each macronutrient. Ensure your dog stays lean and fit even when he is eating commercial food.


Lesson 16: How to enhance the kibble diet

Take control of your dog’s diet even if he is on commercial pet food. Add fresh food to your dog’s diet that can have amazing long-term benefits for your dog’s health.

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