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Siew Leng Low

Siew Leng is the co-founder and master chef behind our popular handmade organic meals and treats. She has a strong passion for holistic nutrition and formulates the recipes using fresh, wholesome and organic ingredients. Siew Leng has worked in the education and healthcare industry for three decades. She was the first in Singapore to obtain professional recognition in bone density measurements and was invited as a guest lecturer in local and overseas courses. She has also published her research in top scientific journals, won two international research awards (USA & Japan) and presented at a number of regional and international conferences.

Siew Leng is a trainer in the Skills Future Approved Course “Massage Therapy and Nutrition for Dogs”, where she teaches pet owners how to help their dogs live healthier, have glowing coat and skin and improved immune system through balanced home prepared food. She has published an e-book containing nutritious home cooked recipes for dogs.  Devoted to excellence and life long learning, Siew Leng is currently a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) in training to advocate the power of natural healing using Bach flower remedies. She is also training to be a Bach Flower Remedies Animal Practitioner to bring positive emotional assistance to animals in need.

Siew Leng is also a volunteer at Causes for Animals Singapore as a way of giving back and supporting the dog community.

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