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More Energy, Health and Liveliness for your FurKid is around the next corner! Or Course in this case. Make your Dog happier! 


Your Dog will be more balanced and relaxed! This brings better health, immunity, and overall well-being!


The result? Your dog will live healthier, live happier! 
A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog! And that is what makes you happy as well!

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Healthy Dog = Happy Dog = Happy You
For longer, healthier lives!

Be an Empowered and Educated Dog Owner to Adopt Sustainable Lifestyle Changes for Your Dog Through our Proven Holistic Care System


In this MasterClass you will learn:

CANCER. It steals away people we love and now it’s stealing our furkids too. An astonishingly 1 in 1.65 dogs and 1 in 3 cats will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

Prevention is key!

ARTHRITIS. It does not only happen in senior dogs. More and more dogs are getting arthritis at a younger age. The number of dogs with arthritis has shot up to a staggering 450% in the last 3 years. Over 75% of dogs over the age of 7 years suffer from painful joints.

Prevention is key!

OBESITY. More than 50% of dogs worldwide are overweight. This is the main cause of several health problems like heart disease, breathing problem, joint pains, and skin & coat problems.

Prevention is key!


You will learn how to feed proper foods, to create a long healthy life for your dog!


Cook simple nutritious meals with confidence – Stressfree!


Delay the onset of arthritis and degeneration, and reduce pain with our proven PFL-Touch method


Master a simple yet effective exercise to stimulate your dog physically and mentally, keeping him healthy and happy!

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Understand your dog’s nutritional needs and choose the best food and supplements for him


Become skilled at observing signs and symptoms of pain in your dog so that you can take immediate action


Manage your dog’s fear, stress, and anxiety through a holistic approach

What Students and their Dogs have to say:

the paws fur life way testimonial

Linda & Niko

PFL Canine massage and nutrition workshop: The training area was adequately ventilated and kudos to the team for making the effort to ensure the comfort of each and every participant. Both I and Niko really enjoyed the session and would recommend friends who are interested to learn more about canine nutrition and massage to join in the fun

the paws fur life way testimonial

Ying & Coco Bear

Paws Fur Life’s canine massage and nutrition workshop is a great way to learn more about massage techniques for your pet under expert guidance. The nutrition part of the workshop is also very informative and useful for fur parents looking to improve the diet of their fur babies

the paws fur life way testimonial

Jacquelyn Lim

All their treats never fail my dog’s taste test! Recently bought their Halloween Cheese cookies. XinWang savored with delight although she is usually a meat treats eater! I think it all boils down to fresh ingredients and as little filler (flour) as possible in all their products. What I love most is how they support the shelter doggies too. Four paws UP!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Arylena Jane Hayloft

A friendly organization that cares for the shelter dogs! Very happy to receive the tasty treats, Pet Angel brush, and comfy bed on time~I’m sure Moomin will love them!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Linda Ong

Karen is always very accommodating to my special requests and generous with samples! My furkids and their fur friends love the cookies and salmon bake loaf!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Valen Chow

My Sofia and Louis loves all the treats from PFL! Will sure going to order more treats from them in the future!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Rina Cheng

Cookie absolutely loves all their snacks and meals especially Barkbones and Apple Carrot Nuggets. Karen delivered the Christmas Tree meatloaf today and Cookie had a wonderful early Christmas dinner! Thanks, Karen & Siew Leng!!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Gennie Lau

All my troop of furkids loves all their treats and stews. My furkids used to hate salmon treats but they simply love their salmon treats to the max. Thanks, Karen and Siew Leng as they always share an interest in what benefits our furkids… my beloved Sleeping Beauty aka Churro seem to improve a lot ever since she went for the massage. All my friends also see the results on her

the paws fur life way testimonial

Chen Lijing

My boy has been eating pfl nutribles for ard for 5 months and is doing really good. Love it as the ingredient can be customized for my boy allergy.
Their treats like Salmon bites, veggelicious, pork and Apple jerky are all my boy favorites! really happy with PFL service and my dog is Super happy with the food as well

the paws fur life way testimonial

Faith See

Ordered a birthday cake and some dehydrated snacks for my pup! Great service by Karen and quality nutritious food!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Patricia Neo

The Salmon and Quinoa treat received raving reviews. Woof! Woof! Woof! And thank you for the solid yummy cake prepared for Lexi. The fur kids voted with their chomps!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Fannie Loke

Recently have ordered the Yinyang Bone Broth for my senior furkid. She really loves it very much and finished up her meals very fast. I, myself also love the aroma from the broth. Just like my mum’s double boiled soup every weekend

the paws fur life way testimonial

Christina Tan

Rusty barks at Karen. He would bark at Karen every time when his massage ends. He wants more! We started engaging Karen for a canine massage about a year ago out of curiosity. Over the one year, I’ve seen Rusty becomes a much calmer dog and became a believer myself on how much wonder dog can benefit from regular massage sessions. Karen is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. If you’re thinking about massage for your pooch, Karen is THE person!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Maudy Melrosa

Very happy with the quality of food and excellent service by Paws fur Life. This is my 2nd order. Have ordered the meatloaves, beef and pork stews from them, and the dogs love all these yummy and nutritious food!! It is also very nice of PFL to give the bone broth as a bonus for the shelter dogs. Thank you very much! Other than that, they have always responded fast to my queries and updated me on the delivery.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Cheong Shu Min

Karen came down to teach us how to fit the karma wrap on Chewy. That really helped us to get the hang of it quickly! The dehydrated snacks from Paws Fur Life have never failed to be a huge hit with him – every time he hears the packet opening he just scoots over! I don’t feel guilty giving Chewy a bit more treats than usual (especially during training lessons) because I know the treats are just full of goodness and great for his nutrition at the same time. Especially love the pork and apply jerky – highly recommend!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Melissa Lim

Pepper loves the treats. He is a picky dog but he simply adores treats from Paws Fur Life. Pepper also gets a monthly canine massage from Karen and he sleeps very well after the massage. He is enjoying massage more and more. Karen is a very knowledgeable and dog caring person. She is willing to share tips on how to cook for Pepper and goes the extra mile to serve paw-rents like me. Strongly recommended.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Lily Chow

Karen is a true blue dog lover who is very intuitive towards the dogs she massages. My dogs loved her calm demeanor and adapt to her very quickly. Paws for life is also one of the few places which have quality cakes/treats where my dogs ate without any stomach issues. No doubt that they used the best and freshest ingredients! A definite recommendation in my books!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Tay Siew Leng

My dog loves the wholesome treats and meals especially pork and apple jerky and beef stew. She is always looking forward to the treats after meals and would do any tricks to get hold of one. It makes her very very happy.

We tried a short session of massage too. Karen is very gentle and good with dogs. Whenever she massages, her ‘clients’ smile from ear to ear. Needless to say, my dog also loved and enjoyed her session.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Starrie Ang

We first knew about PFL when Nougat went for a massage session in one of the pet events. Their massage session is one of the best. When Nougat was losing a bit of weight recently, we decided to get some stews from PFL, hoping to buff him up a little. I contacted Karen and enquired if I could omit sweet potatoes from the stews as Nougat was allergic to them, and I was pleased to hear that I could with a minimum purchase! So yummy stews with no allergens for Nougat!
When the stews were delivered by Karen, I prepared for Nougat on the same day, and he loves it! Really healthy and flavourful stews with genuine ingredients. Even I have the urge go prepare another pack for myself! Only after 15 days, Nougat gained a little bit of weight and looks way healthier than ever.
Their treats were amaaaazing too, pork & apple jerky is Nougat’s favorite!! Organic milk kefir is a must try too! Just ordered another month supply of stews and treats from Karen and we will continue coming back for them! Thank you PFL for preparing such yummy food for the little ones!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Teresa Lim

Karen is very very good with her massages. My Toffee had surgery to repair her ruptured cruciate ligament at her left hind leg and her recovery progress was quite slow until I was recommended by a friend who is an existing client of Karen.
I love Karen’s calm and intuitive touches and strokes which relaxes and soothes Toffee. Amazingly, I have seen consistent improvements in the same evening after each 30min session. Now Toffee can even put her weight on her left leg and is able to walk on all fours more frequently than before.
Highly recommended for pets who need joint and muscle relief.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Winnie Lim

I have recently attended the Dog Massage Therapy and Diet Nutrition Course conducted by Karen & Siew Leng. I must say I did the right choice of sacrificing my 2 days of the weekend with them. My goal is to let my fur kid have a long life span and stay healthy always. These 2 amazing people have enlightened me in many ways! Karen has the special touch on dogs that they have no qualm lying down on four like a turtle for her magic hand massage. Siew Leng, on the other hand, impart so much knowledge on nutrition for dogs and remedies for anxiety not only for dogs but human too! Great job to them and I know you will be the saviors for a much more helpless soul. Thank you once again.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Sheryl Lau

My dog, Furby, loves everything from Paws Fur Life! From their treats to home-cooked meals to even a canine massage! Karen would come to our place every fortnightly for Furby’s massage and he would always bring his toys to Karen to ask her to play after the massage session. As soon as she leaves, he would get really upset.
We would also take the opportunity to purchase some dog treats/home cooked meals at the same time so that Furby can have a sumptuous meal/treats after his massage session.
We are very grateful that Karen is very patient with Furby as he is a pretty high energy dog and sometimes we don’t know what to do with him. The canine massage miraculously calms him down and thereafter, we pawrents can have a peaceful night.

the paws fur life way testimonial

Julia Lee

There are many dog food and makers in the market and “Paws fur life” is one the few that I trust with all my heart. I am very particular with what my chihuahua eats and I only want the best, most nutritious, freshest for him. Karen owns chihuahuas herself and I know she takes pride in her food. Thus, every year when my dog mallow birthday, there are many fanciful dog cakes in the market but I will only buy from pawsfurlife. I know they use the best ingredients. True enough, mallow just enjoyed his 3rd barkday cake with lotsa joy!

the paws fur life way testimonial

Phua Siew Yuen

I engaged Karen’s massage service as I want my furkids to enjoy the massage as much as I do, and also to help them to relax as they were always very anxious both indoors and outdoors. My gal with slight Luxating Patella enjoyed since the beginning of the first session and my boy who is always on high alert finally settled down during their 3rd session with Karen. Am thankful for Karen’s professionalism and patience with my kids as they are quite out of control when there are strangers around and never once did Karen loses her patience with them. And am I glad that I attended their recent massage and nutrition course as I can now help my kids with daily massage to release their tension and as well as to prepare more nutritionally balanced home-cooked food for their better health and longevity. Thank you, Karen & Siew Leng!

Watch some beautiful transformations now:

Benji's Transformation

Toffee's Transformation

Meet your Coaches

Karen Lim (L), And Siew Leng Low (R)



After having worked in the healthcare industry in clinical research for more than 20 years, Karen co-founded Paws Fur Life to work with her one true passion, dogs.

Karen is a certified Canine Massage Practitioner and is a member of the International Association of Animal Massage & Bodywork (IAAMB), USA, which promotes international recognition and accreditation for the profession.

Karen has been providing professional canine massage therapy to a number of clients in Singapore since 2014.  She is highly sought after as a canine massage practitioner and provides excellent massage for dogs of all ages and sizes, as evidenced by the many glowing reviews from our customers. She has been interviewed on Radio 938 Live, featured in Mediacorp Channel 8 and the South China Morning Post and invited to demonstrate canine massage in many pet events.  

Karen is a trainer in the Skills Future approved course “Massage therapy and Nutrition for Dogs” where she has imparted her massage skills to many pet owners. Now she wants to help you too!


Siew Leng is the co-founder and master chef with a strong passion in holistic nutrition and formulates recipes using fresh, wholesome and organic ingredients. Siew Leng has worked in the education and healthcare industry for three decades where she has won international research awards and given countless lectures in both local and overseas conferences.

Also, a trainer in the Skills Future Approved Course “Massage Therapy and Nutrition for Dogs”, Siew Leng is passionate about teaching pet owners how to help their dogs live healthier through balanced home-prepared food.

Siew Leng is currently a Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) to advocate the power of natural healing using Bach flower remedies. 

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