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the paws fur life way testimonial

Cindy Tok

My 12-year-old Shih Tzu hind leg problems started last year. This June, his arthritis became so bad that he could not balance when walked. He fell over often n would use his front paws to pull himself up and around. The muscles around his shoulder developed more and the muscle atrophy around his back n hind legs became more prominent. We went to the vet regularly for synovia injections. In the beginning, these injections seem to help as he would walk a little more on certain days but in July, it worsened and on certain days, he would not move and just lie around. We had to carry him downstairs to pee and poop and carry him back home. Then we chanced upon a tv program that showed Karen helping a dog with joint issues and contacted her. We started massages for Cody at end of July. We started with two times a week n then once a week because he improved greatly! He loves his massages and would sleep really well after! Within a month, his trapeze muscles were so much softer, and the vet said his hind leg muscles were slowly improving. He is more balanced and started becoming “naughty” again! He started playing and running after toys even tried going after birds. (We made sure he did not). Till now, we still see Karen for fortnightly massages. We are really glad that we met Karen and that our 12-year-old “puppy” is back again. We then went on to take up a massage course with Karen and also learned about how important proper nutrition is from
Siew Leng. We always thought about buying the most expensive pet food n supplements were what’s best for our pets, but we were blown away by information taught. Siew Leng is our go-to person for nutritious homecooked food for both our dogs. Thank you once again Karen n Siew Leng for helping us and our doggies!