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the paws fur life way testimonial

Phua Siew Yuen

I engaged Karen’s massage service as I want my furkids to enjoy the massage as much as I do, and also to help them to relax as they were always very anxious both indoors and outdoors. My gal with slight Luxating Patella enjoyed since the beginning of the first session and my boy who is always on high alert finally settled down during their 3rd session with Karen. Am thankful for Karen’s professionalism and patience with my kids as they are quite out of control when there are strangers around and never once did Karen loses her patience with them. And am I glad that I attended their recent massage and nutrition course as I can now help my kids with daily massage to release their tension and as well as to prepare more nutritionally balanced home-cooked food for their better health and longevity. Thank you, Karen & Siew Leng!