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the paws fur life way testimonial

Serene Chong

I attended the Dog Massage Therapy and Diet Nutrition Course that was conducted by Karen and Siew Leng. It was an enriching and beautiful course and there was never a boring moment. I have learned so much from the course from what is missing in my furkids meal to what I have been doing wrong all this time. Not only that, and I have also learned how to massage my furkid. And it has helped my family too. On how it has helped my family although it’s a course for furkids, I will let Karen and Siew Leng share with you guys in the coming courses. So don’t wait anymore, go sign up for the course. These 2 beautiful ladies will share 101% of their knowledge! I would love to attend their course again and again even though I have attended it! Remember to sign up. It’s just such a wonderful course. Thank you, Karen and Siew Leng for this beautiful and enriching course!